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Your website is your business card, how to make it stand out?

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

Peter Drucker

Digital marketing for me is more than sales conversions, it's a creation. It's a place where a user is meeting with the creator. The business owner, the artist, the practitioner. It can be a very powerful tool to make your brand stand out and make your customer know you and your offering better.

Digital can be overwhelming, it's a space that did not really exist 20 years ago and even 10 years ago it was still in nappies. So much has changed and it keeps growing in a rapid pace. If you are not online, you can miss out on a lot. How to navigate through it? That's where I can help you and your small business.

Your online presence starts with a modern website. It's your business card. It can be very powerful to bring more customers in. There are two scenarios where I come in:

- Building a brand new website from scratch with a brand new content, I use Wix or SquareSpace in most cases depending on the complexity of the website

- Re-designing an existing website that can be upgraded to the most current templates with refreshed content

What I most care about is:

- User Experience (UX) and easy navigation

- Sales conversions, so we have customers landing on your website actually go and buy your product or service

- Aesthetics and brand alignment

- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so you can be easily found on Google, more traffic comes in = more potential new clients

- Analytics, knowing your website performance is key to understand your sales and get insights for improvements

- Additional content creation that should not be missed, i.e. a blog or live chat

- Attention to detail - broken link or not well connected form? No way.

My experience thought me that even small changes make an impact. With multiple A/B testing on commercial websites, for example I have learnt that bringing forward and visualising Product Offers or Benefits is a very effective way to get a customer more interested in your offering. Even small things like 3-5 FAQs instead of 10 FAQs can improve your conversions. I will bring this expertise to your website to help you grow.

I am available to answer any questions and tailor my services to your needs. I can help you with one big change or small change, we can work on a project basis or regularly month by month. I am very flexible and easy to work with.

I can make digital easy for your business.

Next article to come: How to bring customers to your website?

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