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Creating a professional website - 10 main points!

When creating a website, there are a few points that would make a difference. Both, service providers and e-commerce stores should take into account:

1. Professional content & design

Making content that actually speaks and is part of your brand identity. Best to make sure it's working very well with your social media content, logo and others.

2. Copywriting

Professional copywriting brings more confidence to the reader. Important to read-proof it, make the information as relevant and easy to follow as possible and follows marketing rules.

3. Desktop and Mobile optimisation

Functionality on desktop and all mobile devices is key and... it's different! Most of your customers (about 60%) are visiting your website on their mobile phone - it needs to be customised for this experience.

4. User Experience best practices

Simple flow and understanding what is your store or service about in a second. No broken links, well placed CTAs (call-to-action), ease in contacting you or buying your product. For UX succeeding, best usability techniques should be in place.

5. Marketing & Sales best practices

Getting your customers engaged is important, but you need to deliver your part first - giving the right product/service customers are looking for, offer discounts and offers, encourage loyalty. Plenty to think of but I am here to help!

6. SEO (search engine optimisation) for website content and meta data

More important that you may think of! Crucial for performance - getting your customers through the search engines is one of the best places to get your sales from. Optimising the front and back-end needs some expertise, but once done - it is very powerful.

7. Professional photos

We can work with your own photos or those supplied by the platform (there are many!). However if you want to make a professional photoshoot it can be very beneficial for the website and it will look professional from the start.

8. Analytics

Keeping on track with performance and customer behaviour can lead to success. Insights can give you directions you might be after. Integrating Analytics tools is key.

9. External Integrations

Do you need a booking system? Instagram feed? YouTube extension? All those are easy to add and essential for your business to run smoothly.

10. Personalised functions

Anything else? More storage, chat function, automated billing etc? Easy done.

All of those you can leave with me (*just the photoshoot would be arranged externally!) if you are interested in creating a website with my help. As you see there is plenty to consider but once done, you will see the results you are after.

Get in touch today!

- Anna

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