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Celebrating Recent Wins


There is a reason to celebrate when your SEO and website strategy work!

After a few months my client got as busy as he wanted and gets new customers online.

He came to me with a problem last year - I want to improve my Google visibility and get more customers in. I am not happy with my current Digital Marketing team and need to get someone to help me.

Challenge accepted!

The website was created at least 10 years back so had a few limitations, after a few attempts of recovery - we decided we need to build it new and fresh.

We got a brand new website:

  • Fully optimised for mobile as it's now the priority for Google listings

  • With a new design and look with much easier navigation and CTAs (Call-to-actions)

  • A few marketing improvements

  • A new platform that was easy to use, improved a loading speed and got us analytics

  • Fully optimised for Google search

We have done a major analysis for keywords in the category and optimised the website front-end (with content and headlines) as well as back-end, which proved right in the competitor analysis later on.

We updated the Google profile with keywords and marketing improvements as well as responded to a review that needed a clarification. We got a direct link for reviews so it's easy to share with new customers. Yes, reviews help with rankings! On top of it we introduced a new offer for a month trial. We decided to go with it based on behavioural analysis, indicating the pricing page had a high bounce rate. That was a success!

All of this contributed to a very good outcome, we keep working on digital including monthly reporting to keep up to date, but there is definitely a reason to celebrate already!

Contact me for a quote, I can help your business too!

For more updates - follow me on Instagram @surfcoastdigitalconsulting

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