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About Digital Consulting

After 7 years in big business, I opened my own Digital Consulting in August '21 to help smaller businesses thrive in digital.

When I worked as a Digital Product Lead specialising in Marketing & Sales, I have learnt how to make sure digital brings you the best customer experience and conversions you need. 

As I love supporting clients with their digital challenges and create websites for them, I thought this will be my place to share my expertise and care. I have an eye for design and small details, so no broken links or unmatched colours will be left on your website. 

Celebrating almost 3 years, we have helped our Clients with launching new websites, re-designing the current ones, improving SEO, setting up Google Ads and creating content marketing.

Happy to help you with anything you need, thank you for being here. 

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Image by Hutomo Abrianto

Experience and education

Digital Specialist and Business Owner 

3 years working in my own small business Surf Coast Digital Consulting in Torquay. Proudly supporting a variety of new and existing businesses across sectors: art, health, legal, sport and more.  

Digital Product Owner in leading Retail, Insurance and Banking companies

Over 4 years as a Digital Product Lead / Expert growing online sales in top Retail, Health Insurance and Banking companies in Australia. Focusing on sales though digital channels, mainly websites.

Marketing & Sales Analyst at McKinsey & Co. 

Over 2 years gaining expertise in Marketing & Sales including Digital Marketing in a global consulting firm in Europe. 

  • Bachelor in International Management

  • Masters in Business Administration 

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - Certified by Google

Love for design, art and functionality. I am all about making simple, personalised and aesthetic websites for desktop and mobile. 

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