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What helps me to keep my balance

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

A few points on what brings back my internal balance. See it only as an inspiration, as your list might be completely different. However I believe it's all connected to nutrition, sleep, movement, slow-pace, pleasure and time with loved ones - don't you think?

Listen to my unique needs

That's the first step, what do I need right now? Not someone else, me. And this can be different each day, however there are things that work and some that would definitely not. If someone finds their balance in the shopping mall, that's cool - for me for sure it would be a disaster. :)

Time in nature

The impact is huge. Especially in the sun. I just love walking in the nature, can be near the ocean, in the forest, by the lake or river. The most important is that it's not busy, the only way to re-connect with nature is through a peaceful walk (or jog or cycle) without much distraction.

Slow intentional morning

Even a 10-15 min make a difference. Set your intention for the day, show gratitude, change thoughts from negative to positive, get your energy moving. It can be done through meditation, prayer, yoga or even sitting down with a coffee in peace.


Maybe you are not a big sleeper, I am. Nothing helps me so much as a quality sleep. The recommended 8 hours is so important, but don't stress yourself if you need more. There are days that my body needs 9-10h and I don't blame myself. It helps me with any health issues, hormonal balance and even digestion.


The top thing. I just need to take some time for myself and gather my thoughts and emotions. I need silence and no distraction moments. It is a time for reflection, which can be done through meditation or just contemplation, it's so powerful. This is my best weapon against getting too "overwhelmed".


Sometimes I feel there is a mess, there is chaos. My to-do list is exploding, there is too much happening and I can't keep up. Taking a breath and organising a bit makes me calmer. Setting priorities by importance and urgency gives me a structure. I don't need to do everything, especially not at the same time. Even tiding up a bit around already gives me more clarity on the next steps. Those are just a few, most important examples from my life. What works for you? Share in the comments below.

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