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What has COVID taught all of us? My 5 lessons

This pandemic has been heart breaking, we have lost so many people. We have lost jobs, plans, family time, weddings, any many others. Why this pandemic has come and what did it bring? Besides all the sadness, it is here to bring us a lesson. A tough one for sure, but a very important one that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

We can't control anything and plans can always change

As much as we want to protect ourselves and our future, the external world is out of our control. There are ups and downs, things we have not predicted for. Acceptance and adaptability are our internal force to keep us strong and move forward.

To set our priorities one more time

Perhaps you did not have enough time with your family and worked too much before the pandemic hit? Then you ended up spending more time with your children and realised how fast they grow and how much more there is to know about them. Take that as a lesson and make adjustments. For me, I realised how much my work was stressful and harmful to me, so I have decided to change it before my body would be in even worse state. Our body gives us signs that we should not ignore.

Be present and slow down

Embracing the change is not easy. For some of us, the days might just be the same being locked down at home. But take this time and use it, nothing lasts forever. See how you can develop yourself and your skills. Develop a new hobby, spend more time with your loved ones if possible. Say "no" to the things that are not working in your life.

Focusing on positives helps to go through tough times

Be grateful for the things you have and what is actually going well in your life. As much as I miss my family overseas, I am always focusing how grateful I am to have my husband next to me. I am grateful for the nature around me and more time to be outside, instead of the commute and long hours in the office. Try it yourself, what is positive in the situation you are in? Remind yourself about it them each day, in the morning and before you go to sleep. Being grateful is a very powerful force.

Even if it does not look like this, there might be a hidden blessing in it

If you are religious or spiritual this may come easier to you. I have heard numerous stories how an illness, crisis or any other "negative" event made the person realise where they are at and change things. You might not be at the right path for you and those moments are there to re-evaluate and change your life. Maybe you are in a wrong workplace or in a wrong relationship? So many of us lost our jobs, relationships crushed, plans changed - it is all sad and take time to mourn it. But in couple of years you may realise how much of a blessing it was that the life has turned in a better direction.

Share your lessons in the comments. Stay safe and strong!

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