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Customised Websites 


  • Professional websites for services, e-commerce and non-profit brands across sectors

  • From one pagers to more advanced websites with additional functionalities included

  • Focused on great a customer experience and sales conversions, fully optimised for Google search

  • No additional maintenance fees after the website is live 

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Website Template

We will have a chat to kick off so I learn more about your business. When we pick a website's provider like WIX, we will have a great amount of templates to choose from depending on your business, sector, style. I am here to help you find the best one to work for you and your brand.


Design & Content Personalisation 

Template is just a beginning, we will take it to another level - we will choose the theme, colours, fonts, style, animations etc. If that is not your thing, I will do my best to choose those ones for you. We will talk about about  the website copy and potential imagery from your side. When we are aligned, I am starting to create a unique website for you.

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Marketing & Sales Optimisation
including SEO 

I will optimise your website for best customer experience according to marketing expertise I gathered over the years working as a Digital expert. I will make sure your website will bring sales conversions and won't forget of SEO (Google Search Optimisation) so your new customers will find you easily.


Desktop and Mobile Optimisation

These days most of the traffic to your website comes from mobile devices - so it's crucial your customers navigate through your new website well and easily get what they are after on any device. I will make sure your website looks and works great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Table setup with devices
Image by Domenico Loia


Final Edits and Checks 

Almost done! We will have a review session and when all is approved and any feedback is incorporated, we will be ready to test the website before launching. I will go through all the pages to check all the internal and external links to make sure nothing is broken, check if all forms and analytics work without any issue, etc.


Going LIVE

The exciting day comes! We are going live with your brand new website under a selected domain. I keep an eye on the website for a few more days and when ready, you will be fully equipped to continue your digital journey. I am always available for any edits to the website if you may need a hand.

Jewelery Site Web Design


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 WIX Partner Program

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best search results

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top advertising

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all things creative










  • How long does it take to create a website?
    A lot depends on the complexity of the website you are after. One pager can be done even within a week, a larger website about 2 weeks if you require an express service. Usually a website creation process with your feedback and communication takes about 4-6 weeks in total. I am here to accommodate to your needs.
  • What does it mean there is no maintenance fee?
    I am only charging for the website creation so it's a one-off investment. You will be independently paying for the website plan and domain based on your selection. After the website is live, I don't offer plans to maintain your website so you are not having any additional monthly fees with me. Of course if you require my assistance for any updates in the future, I will be available to help for an extra charge based on my hours. Otherwise, I can offer a quick tutorial on how to change the basic things on your website so you are fully independent. My clients really like that.
  • I already have a website, can you still help?
    Yes! I actually had a few clients who created their websites themselves but needed some extra help to make it look professional and be ready to launch. Based on your needs, I offer: - design updates to improve customer experience, - marketing & sales implementations, - any external integrations (including analytics), - SEO, including website updates and Google My Business set up, - mobile optimisation, - help with creative/branding, including a new logo or PDF packages, - any personalised support. If you are just starting your business, I am here to help with Google Ads to bring more customers in. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
  • I am on a tight budget, are you offering competitive pricing?
    Yes, I offer really good prices for what's included. Many design companies charge a lot for their website creation, which is really overwhelming. Some of them charge extra for every single addition including SEO or keyword search, where I have it all in one price that is affordable. I am happy to work with your budget and focus on the main priorities for you. Get in touch so we can see what is possible.
  • Can I see your portfolio before making a decision?
    Yes, of course. Please contact me and I will send you examples of my previous work without a worry. To start with, check this website - it has been created by me with WIX. If it's not your style, I am happy to share other examples that might be more suitable for you. Please see my client testimonies also!
  • Do I pay a deposit, is there a cancellation fee?
    Yes, a deposit of 10-20% of a total quote is required - later on we can agree on a payment plan. In case I have started working on your project, booking has been made and we had more than one phone call - then yes, a cancellation fee might apply in case of a last minute cancellation. This is to ensure we are respecting each others time, thank you for understanding.
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