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What to do after studying business?

As a student or soon-to-be one you may think why studying business and what comes next. What I liked about studying management/business degree is the vast array of subjects you study. There will be a mix of:

- math related subjects like statistics, ergonomics

- economics

- psychology and sociology

- marketing

- cultural studies

- negotiation and entrepreneurship studies

- IT and digital

- commerce law

- accounting and finance

- politics and public policy

- languages

Depending on the University or Business School you go to and the specialisation you may pick later on, there will a different combination of those during your studies. I encourage you to study what really resonates with you and what you enjoy, but as well get out of your "comfort zone" and study things that may be a bit more effort but very valuable in the future. Worth as well going for exchange if you are able to, see more here.

What are the main paths you can take after graduation?

- Stay at University and go for Masters/PhD in order to do research and teach

- Work in corporations

- Work in medium and smaller companies

- Work in a start-up

- Open your own business

- Work in a non-profit and charity organisations

- Work in a public institution like a Government

- Go for a gap year :)

What is important when you want to work in a bigger or smaller company is:

- Industry - you are interested in and what career path it promotes, i.e. Investment Banking or Consulting will be a long hours work under pressure but with high earnings and ambitious career path.

- Function - so let's say you don't care much if you work in Health or Banking industry, but what you care about is what you do and what is your role function - for example you want to work in Marketing department or Accounting.

- Size and reach - you can go for a global company with many offices around the World, which makes it easier for relocations and international careers. You can go for something more niche and local. Think what matters to you. What I have learnt is that if you work in a bigger company you will be in a "box" doing your current job, like marketing campaigns for a given product. While if you work in a smaller one you may be doing almost everything for the product, from sales/marketing to partnerships, finances etc. which can actually teach you a lot too.

- Cultural fit - see what is the company profile, what are the employee reviews, talk to people who already work there. I ended up in a Fashion office and it was just not for me as I did not match. It is so important to find your own place with people that are relatable to you. If you like to work fast-pace maybe don't go to a traditional corporation with process from another century as you will burn out quickly. Pick your own place by listing the priorities for you.

Comment below if you liked this note and let me know if you have any other tips! :)

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