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How analytics can help you drive performance?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


When I work with my Clients, I firstly look into the current performance of the website. The insights give me a good understanding of what is going on and what may need some improvements.

Curious on what we can get? My recent work example:

- More that 80% of customers are on mobile as oppose to 20% on desktop

- Traffic mostly comes from direct (X%), search (X%) and social (X%)

- Instagram is your main driver of traffic from socials (X%)

- Your customers are mostly based in Australia, about X% in the U.S and X% in India (you may as well end up with more details on Gender / Age)

- Unfortunately we see X% reduction of sales sessions YoY and X% reduction of total orders / site views this year

- Only X% of customers who visit your website add products to the cart, about X% of those actually buy the product, conversion E2E is X%. Suggestion: Make it easy to add products into the cart.

- Your top landing pages are i.e. Homepage, and those which convert best are: X.

- Your site speed is low, which may need addressing. It will help with SEO.

Some common truths are:

  • Majority of sessions are now on mobile, so the optimisation there is key

  • The end to end conversion (site conversion + form or cart conversion) is above 2-3% it's actually very good and above average

  • Some channels like direct traffic can have much higher conversion rate than those coming from search. It's worth investing in getting higher traffic there.

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